READ FIRST: Welcome to Shinjuku39!

If you like nerdy things, such as games, technology, anime, memes or more… then this community is for you! Create discussions here if not sure where they go or if they do not fit!


  • What is Shinjuku39? What does it mean?!

Shinjuku is the entertainment ward in Tokyo and well… together with 39 sounded cool. It sounds like the name of a nightclub.

  • What is the mission statement and overall ‘goal’ of Shinjuku39?

The mission statement of Shinjuku39 is to be a community for all nerdy people without worrying about censorship on other platforms and being able to have the freedom of expression. And it’s to form a break from other platforms.

No additional apps, just a simple username, password and email address to get started.
No adverts. Ever. There won’t be any form of adverts on the website.
No “Premium” or “+” tier. Every aspect of Shinjuku39 will be made available for free to all, right from Day 1.

The goal of Shinjuku39 is to have a community full of like minded nerds and other peeps who just want to have… fun!

  • I want to get involved.

That’s great! Depending on your activity, we may make users part of the moderation team and then staff! At the time of writing, we are not looking for anyone specifically. If you wish to join 39 and help shape it’s future, please email @crakila at .

  • Are you going to be accepting any form of monetisation?

Yes, but not at the start. Later, down the line, there will be an option to support Shinjuku39. We are looking at option beyond a simple PayPal donation link. More information will become available once the site gets more established.

  • What are the rules of Shinjuku39?

See below for our list of rules. The rules apply across the entire of Shinjuku39. Please refer back to this thread for updates.


  1. Be nice to others.
    Just because you do not like something that someone else enjoys, don’t be nasty towards others. As Ronan Keating would say, it’s best when you say nothing at all. :slight_smile:

  2. Reference your sources.
    (If you have to, use to archive pages and reference that)

  3. See something that shouldn’t be there? Use the ‘Report’ feature or tag @Staff