Shinjuku39 - Changelog - Latest version: 2022-01-03

This thread will hold all the changes that is made to Shinjuku39.
Please open a new discussion if you have bugs/feedback/suggestions.

Version: 2021-05-10 aka. 1st attempt

  • Added a button on to a link to this forum
  • Added a ‘Mission Statement’ button with a page on what 39’s goal is.

Added a ‘Chat’ option which connects to the new 39 IRC Channel on the new Libera IRC Network.
Go to //

Version 2021-12-20:

  • (+) We are now on Discourse! - Find out more about Discourse here
  • (+) New Branding! - We retained the old logo as a secondary logo… here is the new one!

Version 2021-12-23:

Version 2021-12-28:

Thats Nice Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

Version 2022-01-03

  • (*) Updated branding slightly
  • (+) Added the ability to change the theme quickly. (See this thread for instructions on how you can update it)